The North American Bullriding Association (NABA) is the largest bullriding sanctioning body in the country. As a professional sports organization we want to promote bullriding competitions as a sport and profession, and also to improve the sport both professionally and economically. NABA events draw a wide range of spectators, from thrill seekers and extreme sports enthusiasts to those interested in western heritage.Bull Rider!

In 1994, the NABA was established as a business operation to standardize and equalize bullriding events for the contestants as well as the producers. Due to the work of the NABA bullriding, the most popular part of a traditional rodeo, is experiencing unprecedented growth and has molded into its own stand-alone sport. When the NABA began, membership base included 51 members. Today, over 600 members and over 40 different stock contractors represent the NABA. The sport of professional bullriding is becoming a popular, athletic event that is quickly establishing international recognition and a large fan base.

The NABA sanctioned 157 events in 23 states throughout the Mid-West and East during the 2000 season, as the bullriding athletes competed for close to 1 million dollars in prize money and awards. A goal that lies ahead for the NABA, is to keep expanding across the country and develop into a regional format. Each region will feature a finals with the top contestants qualifying for a National NABA Finals.

The 2000 NABA Championship Finals are scheduled for February 1, 2, & 3, in Tunica, MS (20 miles south of Memphis, TN). The Tunica Expo Center Arena will host the finals with the top 45 high money-winning athletes from the season ending standings competing for prize money and awards totaling $40,000. The Fox Sports Net Cable Network will provide T.V. coverage of the February 3rd performance. Look for the 2000 Champion to win $40,000 plus.